Sunday, February 28, 2010

Here is the March Bible reading. Keep reading your doing great!
1. Joshua 7-9 Who was the individual that took the accursed thing?
2. Jo 10-14 Who were the inhabitants of Gideon that made peace with the children of Israel?
3. Jo 15-17 Caleb drove out the 3 sons of Anak, who were the 3 sons?
4. Jo 18-20 Where did the congregation of the children of Israel assemble together and also set up the tabernacle there?
5. Jo 21-24 How old was Joshua when he died?
6. Judges 21-24 The children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord and served who?
7. Ju 3-5 Who killed Sisera?
8. Ju6-8 How many sons did Gideon have?
9. Ju 9-13 “Manoah said unto his wife, We shall surely die, because wee have seen ______”, fill in the blank?
10. Ju. 14-16 How many Philistines did Samson kill with a jawbone of an ass?
11. Ju 17-19 What individual from mount Ephraim hired a levite priest?
12. Ju 20-21 “In those days there was no king in Israel”, so what did every man do?
13. Ruth 1-4 Who were the sons of Naomi?
14. 1 Samuel 1-3 Besides Samuel, how many children did Hannah have?
15. 1 Sam4-6 What did Eli’s daughter in law, whom died upon giving childbirth, name her son?
16. 1 Sam 7-11 Who was made the first official King over Israel?
17. 1 Sam 12-14 The people of God stated “we have added unto all our sins this evil”, what was evil?
18. 1 Sam 15-17 How many sons did Jesse have?
19. 1 Sam 18-20 David stated “there is but a __________between me and death. Fill in the blank
20. 1 Sam. 21-23 Based on 1 Sam. 23:11,12 do you believe God knows what “would have been” based on the choices we make?
21. 1 Sam 24-26 Who became David’s wife that previously had a husband named Nabal?
22. 1 Sam 27-31 How much time did David dwell in the country of the Philistines?
23. 2 Samuel 1-3 What is the name of David’s third son?
24. 2 Sam. 4-6 How long did the Ark of God stay in the house of Obededom?
25. 2 Sam 7-9 Who did David say would eat bread at his table continually?
26. 2 Sam 10-12 Who was the man that God sent to tell David of his sin with Bathsheba?
27. 2 Sam 13-15 Amnon had a friend that helped him find a way to rape his sister, who was this friend?
28. 2 Sam 16-18 Who was it that hanged himself?
29. 2 Sam 19-21 Because of Saul’s bloody house in that he slew the Gibeonites, how many years of famine was in the days of David?
30. 2 Sam 22-24 Write out 2 Sam 23:3
31. 1 Kings 1-5 What was the total number of years David reigned over Israel?