Thursday, September 30, 2010

My I have not been good at updating this. I have been so busy. I have been working alot of extra hours. Plus other things keep me busy. We have many changes happening in our family right now. 1).Kendra (our oldest) is due Oct. 20th with our first grandchild. I don't think she will make this due date. 2). My middle child Kayla is being courted by a young man. 3). My youngest child Caleb is getting ready to court a young lady. So I think our family is getting ready to grow! Also, along with excitement we have had news of great concern about church family, and our own personnal family. But we know that God is in control! Right now it is early morning and it is 46 outside. We were out driving yesterday and the leaves were falling off the trees. Fall is such a pretty season. Well, I need to stop and get ready for work. It is almost time for me to stop working where I do. To much running in a short span of time. So for now Bye.

“Read through the Bible 2010”
1. Hab 1-3 Habakkuk tells us that “the just shall live by his” what? _____________

2. Zeph 1-3 God said he would bring distress upon men that they should walk like who? __ _______________________________________________________________________

3. Hag 1-2 & Zech 1 & 2 What did God tell His people to consider? _________________

4. Zech 3-5 Write out Zech 4:6. ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

5. Zech 6-10 In Zech 8:17 what does God say He hates? __________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

6. Zech 11-14 The question is asked, What are these wounds in thine hands? And what is the response? __________________________________________________________

7. Mal 1-4 In what way did God’s people rob Him of? ____________________________

8. Mat 1-3 Preaching in the Wilderness of Judea saying “Repent Ye” was who? _______ ______________________________________________________________________

9. Mat 4-6 Man should not live by bread alone but by what else? ____________________

10. Mat 7-9 Who is it that is told to first cast out the beam out of their own eye? ________________________________________________________________________

11. Mat 10-12 Write Out Matthew 10:36. ________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

12. Mat 13-15 In the parable of the tares of the field who is the good seed and who is the tares? __________________________________________________________________

13. Mat 16-18 How many times did Jesus say we should forgive our brother? ________________________________________________________________________

14. Mat 19-21 Jesus stated that his house was not to be a den of thieves which it was made, but a house of what? ______________________________________

15. Mat 22-24 Write Out Matthew 23:9. _______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

16. Mat 25-28 What did the 5 foolish not take with them for their lamps? ____________

17. Mk 1-3 According to Mark Jesus was preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God and saying? ________________________________________________________________

18. Mk 4-6 How old was the girl that Jesus raised from the dead (this girl was Jairus daughter)? ______________________________

19. Mk 7-9 Write Out verse 23 of chapter 9. _____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

20. Mk 10-13 Who was the blind man that sat by the highway side begging that Jesus gave sight too? _______________________________

21. Mk 14-16 After Jesus bodily resurrection who did He first appear too? _____________

22. Lk 1-3 What was the name of Zacharias and Elizabeth’s son? _____________________

23. Lk 4-6 Jesus ask why call Him Lord do not what? ______________________________

24. Lk 7-9 In chapter 8 Jesus stated that His mother and brethren are those who do what? ___________________________________________________________________

25. Lk 10-12 In Luke 11:42 was Jesus saying that tithing should stop? _____________

26. Lk 13-17 According to Chapter 17 verses 3 & 4 when a brother trespasses against us, after what action by the offending party should be heard or seen as to our forgiving him? ________________________________

27. Lk 18-20 When it comes to a person being “good”, how many good persons are there according to Jesus? _____________________________

28. Lk 21-24 What was the three languages of the superscription written over Jesus that said, “This is the King of the Jews”. ______________________________________________

29. Jn 1-3 The scripture states that, “he that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the…”, what is it of God that abideth on him? ____________________________

30. Jn 4-6 “God is a Spirit” and we are to worship Him in what? ______________________

31. Jn 7-9 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you” what? ____________