Saturday, January 2, 2010

Well, I am a little late in saying Happy New Year! I usually don't stay up and see the new year in. I did work some on New Years day, then off to see my girls in Sioux falls. We finally were able to get together and exchange gifts. Also celebrate my middle childs birthday. Which is actually Sun.. Happy Birthday Kayla! We were suppose to get together Christmas day but with all that snow we could not do it. It was a strange Christmas this year but it was nice. Anyway, the Sun. after Christmas at church I was just getting ready to complain about all this snow and how it messed with alot of peoples plans! When a dear sweet lady said you know all I am hearing is people complaining about the weather. She said you know they are complaining about God. Because God is in charge of the weather and he must have felt we need the snow. I thought Ouch! (glad I didn't get to say what I was about to) But you know she was right. God is in control and so when we complain about things we are complaining about God. So it was a lesson learned! Happy New Year 2010