Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If Christ comes in 2010 will we be ready? He could come! It could even be today! Are you prepared? In our day we get busy preparing for other things that it takes are focus off of Christ. When that happens the Devil has us right were he wants us. If we get to busy doing other things we cannot keep our focus on God. We have to be careful that we don't get so busy that we don't hear God speaking to us, or that day has gone by with no prayer time, or we haven't even picked up His word today. We have to be prepared for His coming. I don't want to find myself unprepared. Sometimes I get so busy with everything I have to do that I get tired just thinking about it then I don't do any of it! Before I know it the day is gone and I didn't do even the things I should have done. Then that day the Devil has won! I don't like that! I am going to work on being better prepared for Christ in 2010. Want to join me and make the devil mad by being prepared better for Christ return!