Monday, December 28, 2009

Would you like to join me in reading thru the Bible in 2010? Our church is reading thru the Bible in 2010. Each month we get a list of questions with the days Bible Reading. The question pertains to the days reading. It is fun! So here we go! January
1. Gen 1-3 God gave every herb bearing seed and every tree bearing fruit to us for what?
2. Gen 4-6 What name was given to the one that it was said, "This same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands?"?
3. Gen 7-9 After Noah and all that went in the ark the door was shut. Who shut him in?
4. Gen 10-12 How old was Abram when he departed out of Haran?
5. Gen 13-17 Sarai had a handmaid whose name was Hagar, what was Hagar heritage?
6. Gen 18-20 God stated about Abraham "For I know Him" that he would do what with his children?
7. Gen 21-23 Who took a wife out of the land of Egypt for her son?
8. Gen 24-26 How many sons did Ismael have?
9. Gen 27-29 Who gave his daughters, Leah & Rachel to be the wife of Jacob?
10. Gen 30-32 In what Chapter and verse do we read that Jacob "seen God face to face"?
11. Gen 33-35 Who did Shechem speak to saying "Get me this damsel to wife?"
12. Gen 36-40 What is the name of the person who found the mules in the wilderness as he fed the asses of Zibeon his father?
13. Gen 41-43 Joseph had 2 sons, what are their names?
14. Gen 44-46 Name the 3 sons of Levi?
15. Gen 47-50 How many years did Jacob live in the land of Egypt?
16. Exo. 1-2 How many daughters did the priest of the Midian have?
17. Exo. 3-5 What did God tell Moses His name was?
18. Exo 6-8 What name did Abraham, Issac, and Jacob not know God by?
19. Exo. 9-13 What was to be applied to the doorpost of the houses so God would passover?
20. Exo 14-16 What did God's people have to do to keep the diseases away from them that the Egyptains had?
21. Exo 17-19 What did the children of Israel say that tempted God?
22. Exo 20-22 What principle do you find in Exodus 21:19?
23. Exo 23-25 Who was Moses Minister?
24. Exo 26-28 To cover the nakedness of a person how far down from the waist must one's clothing be?
25. Exo 29-31 What would happen to Aaron and his sons if they would not wash their hands and feet before going into the tabernacle?
26. Exo 32-36 How did the Lord speak unto Moses?
27. Exo. 37-40 Did God give detailed instructions as to the clothing of a priest?
28. Lev 1-2 The burnt offering of a sheep shall be a male without what?
29. Lev 3-5 Can ignorance be a sin?
30. Lev 6-8 Based on Lev 8:4 how did Moses respond to the Lord's command?
31. Lev 9-11 Name Aarons 2 sons that offered a strange fire before the Lord?