Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When I taught Sunday school this week. I was telling the kids about my vacation. I told them about the church services that I attended. Also, the messages I heard. I think it is good for them to hear that. Teaches them even though you go on vacation you don’t go on vacation from being in church. Isn’t it something when people plan vacation they don’t plan on going to church. I am thankful God doesn’t take a vacation from me.
Anyway, I talked about the mid-week service that we attended. He talked about How Much of you does God have? Then I did an object lesson with them. We drew a big circle then I had the kids tell me about one of their school days. We broke their day into percentages on the circle. (Hope I explained that o.k.) . Then we took a look at it and I asked them what was wrong or missing with this circle. They could see right away they did not have enough time with God. I think it really a great object lesson.
Then we talked a little more then got to our Sunday school lesson. Sometimes we get off track from the lesson (we are in Exodus). But that’s o.k. because sometimes you just know you are having an impact on talking about something that you did or came up in their week or yours. Use every opportunity to teach them a Bible truth!