Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I love to read! I like to read fiction and non-fiction. Though I have to say I read more fiction then non-fiction. I read one non-fiction book which is my favorite to read and we know the answer to that, the Bible of course. I just finished a book titled the Christmas Dog. Yes, I know it isn’t Christmas! Anyway, the book had sort of a theme that you could see. At least that is what came across to me.
Now, I just deleted a paragraph. I was telling you the characters of the book. But then if you knew all that you might not read it if you wanted to. So delete I did. What I thought came across in the book was how we judge sometimes to quickly other people. Then when we judge so quickly we sometimes judge wrongly. Then it stays on our minds and we don’t change our judging easy if we are wrong. Then sometimes we share that judging with a friend and then they judge wrongly also. Before you know it everyone is judging that person. In this book that is basically what happened and they were wrong. It took a dog to show that they were so wrong. We need to be careful in our judging of others. I am not saying not to judge because The Bible tells us to judge. But be careful that you judge on facts and not what others say or what you think it might be. Notice I used the word might be. We can all think of situations that appear one way so we judge that and then find out we were wrong.
Now you can also look at a person and make a judgment call right. We can all think of situations with that also. What I am saying is we just have to be careful.