Saturday, March 20, 2010

O.k., I am not sure where I am starting with this blog. Being I am going thru a bad case of insomnia. Never have had it as bad as this before. The dr. gave me something to help sleep but it isn’t helping. I missed the last 2 days of work and just rested. Read a book, sat outside and basically did nothing. It felt good. Pray, that I get sleep.
I want to write about our priorities with church. Last couple of blogs I wrote about the importance of church and being faithful. I think what is lacking by people that miss church is in their priority.
I looked up the definition of priority.
1: status established in order of importance or urgency;

I like that definition. In order of importance! All believers should establish Biblical priorities. We get too sidetracked from the importance of being in church. We have all heard the excuses of why people miss church. Some are just but others are just excuses. It is a matter of looking at your life with Christ and ask yourself is He number 1. Or is sports, family, activities, job etc. our number 1 priority. Do we put those things in front of being in church. If you do then God isn’t number 1 in your life. Here is how my prioirity goes : God , church and family are equal and then job. If we put God first everything else will fall in line.
Many Christians don’t live as though Christ may return at any moment. I teach my Sunday school children this : Where on a Sunday Service or a mid-week service would you want God to find you ? At church or somewhere else on a church day? Well, this is about all my tired brain can say on the matter.