Friday, January 29, 2010

I thought I would do a couple of blogs on pain and the Bible. This will be therapeutic for me also. So before we take a look at the Bible and what it says about pain. I thought I would write about my journey. See I have Fibromyalgia. For you that don’t know what this is. I will put it in my terms (PAIN) . It is muscle and nerve pain. It also comes with a lot of different symptoms. From IBS and memory problems ,can’t sleep, muscle spasms.. A bunch of other things. Ever have the flu and after you ache, well that’s me all the time. It also affects my teeth. I always have teeth pain. That is the one thing about this that drives me nuts. I can deal with pain but in the teeth it isn’t something I don’t handle well. It can be such a joy stealer. If you let it! I have to say I let this thing steal my joy a lot. See people just don’t understand this at times. I look fine, I work and I stay busy. So what the deal! Well, let me tell you. I put one foot in front of the other and go on what else can you do. The memory fog is what I am dealing with a lot lately. Ever have a moment when you can’t remember something. People call them senior moments. I call it fibro fog. The other day I could not tell you what a tablecloth was( I was holding it in my hand, and could not tell you what it was) or I was going to take bread pudding out. But could not remember how to say bread pudding. Or you walk into a store only to walk out because you can’t remember what you went in for. I have my stove burners marked because I forget which burner is which. I also have a hard time going out to eat. Because, it might upset my stomach. You always look where the bathroom is in a store. The pain in the muscles is easier to handle then the other stuff. Don’t get me wrong I am not whining ( o.k. maybe a little) I just want you to understand I know what I am talking about. So this is one of the reasons I wanted to blog. Maybe I can help someone also. Thru all this I can say God knows and I know that for some reason it is His will that I have this. So it will be ok. . So the next blog I will start my study on pain and the Bible.