Thursday, June 17, 2010

The other day my husband was reminiscing about things. So I thought that is what I will blog about. I have been married a number of years and all of our kids are out on their own now. Believe me when I say that is just bizarre! How did the time just go so fast! Seems like only yesterday that my oldest was a baby. Now my baby is having a baby! I remember when Kendra was little (Sorry Kendra I am telling on you) and I took her for swimming lessons. The first lesson the parents could not watch so we were in the lobby waiting. It wasn’t too much time and the instructor came out and said I need to speak to the parent whose child thinks if they get in the water they will turn blue! Everyone chuckled! I knew right away it was Kendra. She loves the cartoon smurfs. I said Kendra and she grinned. Or how about the time we moved into a new home I didn’t have furniture yet in the living room and had fresh white walls. Kendra took a black crayon and made circles on the walls because after all Big Bird told her to do it! I could go on and on with stories on her. Kayla my middle child loved Batman. We had batman cars, capes, figures. In preschool the bus would pick her up last and then she would be the first to get dropped off. One time I was waiting and waiting wondering where the bus is. Called the school no answer. Pat the driver takes the bus home, she lived in the country. Pulled in at her home looked and there is Kayla sitting just looking out the window. She was just enjoying the riding of the bus. Caleb always calls me buddy. When he was a toddler we lived in a house with no basement. We had a room that had the water heater in it. We were watching tv and Caleb comes out with a pair of boots in his hands. Sits down and says better put my boots on. That was it. At commercial I walked into my kitchen and I had water on the floor. The water heater had broke. So the room which Caleb had to get his boots from that housed the water heater and the kitchen were flooded. Here he thought enough about getting his boots on but not saying anything to us! Learned I need to make sure I ask questions! Children are so very special. Sometimes I wish we could keep them that size. I wish that I would have had a house full of children but that wasn’t in God’s plan for our family. Guess I just have to hope that God gives me lots and lots of grandchildren!