Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I’m back! We were on vacation. So I thought I would blog about it. We left on a Sunday afternoon and headed to Omaha. We stopped in time for their evening church services. We also stayed at their prophet’s chamber. For the ones that don’t know what that is, a prophet chamber is a place a Pastor’s family or a Missionary family can spend the night in. It can be a room or an apartment or house. It is truly a blessing!
Then the next day we headed to Oklahoma City to see our son. He moved in Feb. to go down there. He lives in a nice place. The outside of the place almost looked like a castle. I did the Mom thing and took him to Wal-Mart and stocked his kitchen with food. We then just visited. It was to short of time!
Then a couple of days later we were on the road and headed to a place in Arkansas. We stayed in a prophet’s chamber that was a cute cabin. It was really nice. It was on the churches property. We took in their mid-week service. The message was really good. He asked a question what percentage of your day do you give God?
After it was over we went back to the prophet’s chamber. Then someone knocked and asked if we want to go out to eat. So we went with them and had a great time of fellowship. It is something when we are a part of the family of God that you can fellowship so easy with someone that you never met that also is part of the family of God.
Then the next day we headed out to Mississippi. That is where some of my husband’s family lives. We got there on Thurs. afternoon. We stayed with my husband’s cousin and her husband. We sure enjoyed the fellowship time there. We stayed there till Sat. morning! Are you tired yet? By this time I was road weary.
Then we drove another 6 hours and stopped. We stayed at a hotel that had a great whirlpool. We went to church in that city. It was a nice church started I think they said 5 years. Then we drove some more and stopped at another hotel. Then we attended evening church there. Then woke the next morning and finished up the trip.
We had a nice time. But it was too much driving and not enough visiting. My husband and myself are different in planning vacations. He likes to drive a lot and go everywhere. Myself I would like to go one place and relax. So I think the next vacation I should get to pick.