Monday, April 5, 2010

Lately, I have been thinking about our Bibles. How much do people use them besides Sunday’s and Mid-week services. Do they sit upon a shelf or in a drawer or do we even know where there at. One time I had a conversation with a lady and she shared she doesn’t bring her Bible to church. Because the Pastor tells her what it says. I thought how very sad that is that she doesn’t even see the importance of carrying her Bible. That tells me if a person doesn’t bring their Bible even to church they probably don’t read it during the week. How can a person grow in the Lord if they don’t use their Bible. My husband has commented that newborns need milk to grow physically just like Christians need God’s word to grow spiritually. A newborn that doesn’t get milk will not grow just like if we don’t read God’s word we will not grow spiritually.
Have you ever heard the song: Dust on the Bible. I don’t know who sings it. I haven’t heard it in a long time. But here are the words.

Dust on the Bible

I went into a home one day to see some friends of mine
Of all the books and magazines, not a Bible could I find
I asked them for the Bible,when they brought it what a shame
For the dust was covered o'er it, not a finger print was plain

Dust on the Bible, dust on the Holy Word
The words of all our Prophets and the sayings of our Lord
Of all the other books you'll find, there's none salvation holds
Get that dust off the Bible, and redeem your poor souls

You can read your magazines read of love and tragic things
But not one word of Bible Verse not a Scripture do you know
When it is the very truth and its contents good for you
But if dust is covered o'er it, it is sure to doom your soul

If you have a friend you'd like to help along life's way
Just tell him that the Good Book shows a mortal how to pray
The best advice to give him that will make his burden light
Is to dust the family Bible,trade the wrong way for the right

That’s a neat song. Let us not find our Bibles with dust on it!